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19.09.2018 | News

25 events held over the last 12 months: Ukrainian Institute London publishes its Annual Report

Ukrainian Institute London published its Annual Report, offering an overview of its activities betwe

31.07.2018 | News

All That Remains: a ridiculously raw and real story by Molodyi Teatr London

  Text and photos by Anna Morgan, first published at Ukrainian Events in London It’

12.04.2018 | News

Ukraines Distinctive Russian-Language Culture: An Evening with Andrei Kurkov at the Ukrainian Institute, London

by Maria Montague The place of the Russian language in Ukraine has long been a source of politic

31.03.2018 | News

Kyiv's cultural renaissance

Marina Pesenti describes how Ukraine is reclaiming its art scene after years of Russian dominance.

07.11.2017 | News

When marking the Russian Revolution of 1917, lets not forget it was a re-incarnation of an empire

By Marina Pesenti, Director of Ukrainian Institute London Images of the 1917 Russian Revolution h

23.07.2017 | News

Beyond the Bolsheviks: Ukraines 1917 Revolution Remains Geopolitically Relevant.

by Marina Pesenti Images of the 1917 Russian Revolution have flooded the London of 2017. Marching

09.06.2017 | News

Time travelling with the Ukrainian Institute: back to 1929 Kyiv in Kaufman's 'In Spring'

Text and photos by Anna Morgan, Ukrainian Institute in London On 7 June 2017, for just one hour

15.03.2016 | News

Who will benefit from Brexit?

This opinion piece by Marina Pesenti, Director of the Ukrainian Institute, appeared in the Ukrainian weekly Novoye vremya March 13, 2016.

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31.03.2015 | News

A New Generation for a New Ukraine

Black-tie fundraising dinner to be held at the Houses of Parliament on 19 June You probably havent heard of the Ukrainian Catholic University but I suspect that is going...

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03.02.2015 | News

Vladimir Putin's image of a macho bare-chested man riding a horse

[vd]"Vladimir Putin has brought on this image of a macho bare-chested man riding a horse, and he wan

Andy Hunder
02.11.2014 | News

Ukraines forbidden Church marks 25 years of freedom

25 years ago I belonged to the single largest banned religious community in the world. The Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church was, until December 1989, the most sizeable officially banned religious organisation,...

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22.10.2014 | News

Russias Orthodox Church must not follow Putins rhetoric of inciting hatred towards Ukrainians

Last weeks synod of bishops at the Vatican has been making headlines across international media concentrating on issues of homosexuality and divorce. One incident that the media has widely omitted...

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28.08.2014 | News

Britain and the US must now act on the nuclear weapons assurances given to Ukraine

Two decades ago Ukraine was the worlds third largest nuclear super-power. The east European nation inherited a nuclear arsenal bigger than that of the UK, China and France combined, when...

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15.08.2014 | News

Hand back Donetsk its original British name

Donetsk is a British city! God Save the Queen! so an online social media referendum campaign, slightly tongue-in-cheek, promulgated earlier this year. The link with Britain comes from John...

andy Hunder
09.06.2014 | News

"Petro Poroshenko isn't coming to power to make money - he has come to make history"

Heres an MP3 file of my interview on BBC World Service on Monday, June 9, 2014, two days after Ukraines new President was sworn into office Speaking on the BBC...

Anastasia Shkilnyk
18.05.2014 | News

In memory of Anastasia Shkilnyk, Supporter of Moral Leadership

Anastasia Shkilnyk, Supporter of Moral Leadership, died on May 13th, aged 68 Extraordinary people have always inspired me. One can be extraordinary in many ways I was greatly inspired...

28.01.2014 | News

Londons rich Ukrainians can influence events at home

Andy Hunder: Londons rich Ukrainians can influence events at home Protests in London are of concern to Ukraines elite because of the risk of losses to their assets and reputation...

20.12.2013 | News

A Revolution of Human Dignity

Andy Hunder: Londons rich Ukrainians can influence events at home Protests in London are of concern to Ukraines elite because of the risk of losses to their assets and reputation...

Blog by Andy Hunder
27.10.2013 | News

Days of Ukraine in London. Post-Event Blog

Ukrainians are generally a miserable bunch, according to the latest research presented in London on Thursday, which verifies previous studies showing that Ukraine is the unhappiest nation in Europe. National...

11.10.2013 | News

The country that wasnt on the map. Days of Ukraine to be held in London

When I was an eight year old boy growing up in London in the late 1970s, my school teacher one day asked our class to show on the wall map...