04.08.2018 | News

Rebel Ukraine: Ukrainian Institute London's Annual Fundraising Reception, 14 November, 2018, 7pm

Mark your calendars for Ukrainian Institute Londons annual fundraising reception this year commemorating the fifth anniversary of Kyivs Revolution of Dignity, the demonstrations on Maidan that changed the course of Ukraines history!

22.06.2018 | News

Ukrainian Institute London is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer to join our team as Project Manager

An exciting opportunity to develop your skills in shaping Ukraine’s image and perception in th

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Ukrainians and Jews have lived on the same land throughout centuries and have a long history of coop

22.03.2018 | News

Time to learn Ukrainian: register for summer semester at the Ukrainian Institute London

Ukrainian language classes Ukrainian institute London has been offering Ukrainian language cl

27.02.2018 | News

Ukrainian Institute London building a new narrative of 1917 Revolution on the centenary year

The Ukrainian Institute in London contributed to building a separate narrative of a Ukrainian Revolu

11.01.2018 | News

Thinking and Writing about Ukraines Identity. An Evening with the Pomerantsevs

by Lesia Scholey How do you solve a puzzle like Ukraine?  How do you catch a cloud and pin i

19.10.2017 | News

Revolution! Fundraising Reception by the Ukrainian Institute London. 13 December 2017, 6:30pm

The Ukrainian Institute London invites you to Revolution! a truly revolutionary fundraising r

17.10.2017 | News

Oleksandr Dovzhenkos Silent Trilogy: Life and Death in the times of the Revolution. Film screenings at ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Art, London, (ICA), in partnership with the Ukrainian Institute in Lon

04.09.2017 | News

Ukrainian Institute London published its Annual Director's Report

The Ukrainian Institute London published its Annual Director's Report, offering a summary of its

03.06.2017 | News

"He was a role model for us." The Institute marks the anniversary of its founder, Patriarch Josyp Slipyj

In 2017, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church marks the 125th birth anniversary of Patriarch Josyp Sl

16.12.2016 | News

Ukraine's IDPs: Healing wounds and attempting reconciliation. Talk with Natalia Vorozhbyt and Samir Puri, 14 December 2014

Natalia Vorozhbyt’s earlier plays impressed veteran Guardian theatre critic Michael Billington

06.11.2016 | News

"The debate on the past becomes part of contemporary politics in almost whatever you do." Panel discussion on November 1, 2016

"Nobody not in western or eastern Europe or in Russia has ever done it in a way which is regard

21.09.2016 | News

Gongadze murder, 16 years later civil society and media environment in Ukraine

“I had two options: to stay silent or to do somethig,” said Myroslava Gongadze, recallin

05.07.2016 | News

Peter Pomerantsev: "You can no longer fight lies with facts." Talk on June 30,2016

Peter Pomerantsev: "You can no longer fight lies with facts". Talk on June 30,2016

These were the words of Yevhen Hlibovytsky, guest speaker
06.06.2016 | News

... We, Ukrainians, oppose our great fear of existence...

... We, Ukrainians, oppose our great fear of existence... - these were the words of Yevhen Hlibovytsky, guest speaker at the Ukrainian Institute in London on May 22. Ukraines post-Maidan Transformation: glass half-full or half-empty? was a revealing conversation about Ukraines future and what further steps could be taken in order to make the country prosperous. Mr. Hlibovytsky explained the particularities of Ukrainian culture

Shimon Redlich: understanding humanity. The film screening was followed by a panel discussion, featuring Shimon Redlich and Joanna Michlic, moderated by Marina Pesenti.
25.05.2016 | News

Child Survivor of the Holocaust in Poland and Ukraine tells the story

We want more events like this, said a Ukrainian member of the audience of the event on May 18, 2016, dedicated to the personal experience of surviving the Holocaust

28.04.2016 | News

The Ukrainian Institute presents its vision for Ukraine's cultural diplomacy at the forum in Kyiv

The Ukrainian Institute in London presented its vision for the development of a network of Ukrainian

04.04.2016 | News

Crimean Tatars bracing for worse: Refat Chubarov spoke in London March 24, 2016

Crimea is and always will be part of Ukraine, said Refat Chubarov, leader of Crimean Tatar people, addressing the audience of some 100 people at Kings College in London on

21.01.2016 | News

"Despite the crisis, Ukraine's literature is going though a boom" - talk by Svitlana Pyrkalo, 21 January

Despite the political and economic turmoil Ukraine is going through, its literature is experiencing a period of tremendous development, such was an inspiring summary of Svitlana Pyrkalo, EBRDs Advisor on...

18.12.2015 | News

"Mamushka. Recipes from Ukraine and Beyond" A talk by Olia Hercules. 17 December, 2015

Despite a very diverse ethnic mix of my family, I feel Ukrainian, beyond any doubt, says Olia Hercules, an author of Mamushka. Recipes from Ukraine and beyond. Olia spoke to...

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