New Semester Ukrainian Language Evening Courses

The Ukrainian Institute in London is now open for applications for the new 2011/2012 Semester.

We offer 4 levels of Ukrainian Language Courses, due to start on September 19th

Level                Day         Classes per week    Start time            Duration

Elementary     Mon or Tue            1                6.30pm                16 weeks

Beginners      Mon or Tue            1                 6.30pm                 16 weeks

Intermediate  Wed or Thu           1                 6.30pm                 16 weeks

Advanced       Wed or Thu          1                 6.30pm                 16 weeks

Also, from October 2011, we will be offering

  • Intensive Ukrainian
  • One-to-one Ukrainian
  • Business Ukrainian

If you are interested in studying Ukrainian Language and would like to enrol for one of our courses, please contact Marta Mulyak at mmulyak@ukrainianinstitute.org.uk

Please feel free to forward the above information to anyone interested.