Trade Mission to Crimea, 5-9 October 2011

The EU Ukraine Business Council invites you to join a VIP Trade Mission to Crimea dedicated to exploring firsthand the opportunities for investment in the tourism, agriculture, energy and infrastructure sectors. Crimea is one of the fastest growing areas of Ukraine famous for its Black sea Coast and fine wines. Foreign Investment is at record levels. The trade mission is timed to coincide with the Black Sea Economic Forum which brings together top business and political leaders from the whole region. We offer participants business matching opportunities, and individual meetings with local partner companies on the Crimea relevant to your interests.
The programme will run from 5 October to 9 October.
The timetable of the Mission is as follows:-

Wednesday 5 October

1220 Depart from London Gatwick on Ukrainian International Airlines to Kyiv.
1740 Arrive at Kyiv International Airport
2025 Depart from Kyiv National Airport on Ukrainian International Airlines to Simferopol
2150 Arrival in Simferopol and transfer by car to Yalta Hotel, Yalta.

Thursday 6 October

0900 Business breakfast meeting to introduce participants to local partner companies, with general introduction to doing business in Crimea.
1100 Business tour of Crimea focusing on the interests of participants and meeting individual Crimean businesses.
19.00 Business Dinner at Yalta Hotel

Friday 7 October
Transfer to Black Sea Economic Forum at Livadia Palace follow programme of conference

Saturday 8 October
Transfer to Black Sea Economic Forum at Livadia Palace, follow programme of conference.

Sunday 9 October
Transfer from Yalta Hotel to Simferopol
0705 Depart from Simferopol on Ukrainian International Airlines to Kyiv.
0825 Arrive at Kyiv National Airport
1000 Depart from Kyiv International Airport on Ukrainian International Airlines
1125 Arrival in London, Gatwick.

To find out more details, register and reserve a place please email to events@euubc.com or telephone to the EUUBC Secretariat at +3227320870 or +32496120786