Oxford University Ukrainian Society, DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER LECTURE SERIES: Talk by Professor Bohdan Hawrylyshyn

Oxford University Ukrainian Society and Nuffield College invite you to DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER LECTURE SERIES by Professor Bohdan Hawrylyshyn who will present key ideas of his book, Towards More Effective Societies. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 17:00 until 18:30.

Large Lecture Room, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, New Road, Oxford OX1 1NF

Chair:              Baroness Shirley Williams

Discussants:     Dr Gwendolyn Sasse, Professorial Fellow Nuffield College

Dr Olga Onuch, Newton Fellow in Comparative Politics

Special guest: HE Volodymyr Khandogiy, Ambassador of Ukraine to the UK

Followed by wine reception: 6.30-7 pm. Open to all. 

The original version of Prof. Hawrylyshyn’s book titledRoad Maps to the Future (1980) was published in 8 lan-guages. An exploration of how and why different societal orders have emerged, presenting an analysis of their basic components – values, political governance and economic systems. Hawrylyshyn demonstrated how these components as well as, the internal and external environments of a country determine its social, political and economic effectiveness. Taking the key countries of the world separately, Hawrylyshyn indicated the ways in which each might achieve higher effectiveness by making modifications in these basic components and, in the pro-cess, facilitate the emergence of a world order.

Hawrylyshyn is a high profile expert on issues of public administration and international business. He was born in Western Ukraine. In 1947, he left for Canada and obtained a Masters degree in Engineering (1954, Toronto Uni-versity). Having worked for multinational company he was sent to the International Management Institute in Swit-zerland (IMI). In 1960, Hawrylyshyn started his career in educational sphere, teaching economics, global business, international operations management and public administration at IMI in Geneva. In 1968, he became the Direc-tor of the Institute and remained its head for 18 years. In 1972, he was elected to the Roman club, in 1973 to the International Management Academy, in 1975 – the World Academy of Art’s and Sciences. Hawrylyshyn was awarded Doctorate of Economics of Geneva University (1976), Honorary Doctorate of Law of York University (Canada, 1984) and Alberta University (Canada, 1986).

Since 1988, Hawrylyshyn has committed his activity to Ukraine. He initiated establishment of the first institution in the former USSR which provided MBA program training (MIM-Kyiv). In 1989, he contributed to the establish-ment of the Soros Foundation in Ukraine (chaired its Supervisory Board until 1998). In 1991, Hawrylyshyn creat-ed and became the head of the Council of Advisors to the Presidium of the Ukrainian Parliament, was a member of the American-Ukrainian Advisory Board, an advisor to the first president of Ukraine, four chairmen of the Par-liament and three prime-ministers.

Now Bohdan Hawrylyshyn is a board member of the World Academy of Art and Sciences, the head of Ukrainian National Scout Organization, a member of the Executive Committee of the Swiss International Policy Forum, and the head of Supervisory Board of MIM-Kyiv. His published papers include more than 120 articles in management, economic and political environment and 4 books.

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