University of Fribourg (Switzerland) to host the Symposium 'From Battlegrounds to Football Fields'

The University of Fribourg, in cooperation with the Embassies of Poland and Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland, is hosting an international scholarly symposium on Poland and Ukraine (in the run-up to the Euro 2012) on 24-25 May 2012, in Switzerland.

On Thursday May 24th a panel discussion featuring international journalists, political analysts, entitled:

Euro 2012: Cohesion and Controversies, will look at how this once in a generation event is perceived in Poland and Ukraine from a social, economic, political and cultural perspective.

The scholarly Symposium on Friday, May 25, will include internationally renowned scholars on Poland and Ukraine: Siegfried Weichlein, Jan Jacek Bruski, Oleksandra Kunovska, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Mykola Riabchuk, and Ola Onuch presenting on the past and current relations between the two countries. A special focus will be on the conflict-laden and tragic events and processes that marked the common history of the two countries in the course of the 20th century – as well as on recent developments (the “Orange Revolution” and its aftermath, Poland as an advocate for Ukraine’s integration into Europe; political cooperation, cultural encounters etc.).

“Given the recent controversies, threatened boycotts, and the initiative of the Swiss- Ukraine Parliamentary Group that Switzerland mediate between the EU and Ukraine this promises to be quite a riveting event,” said Andrej N. Lushnycky, President of the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland.

The two-day event is open to the public and will be held in English.

For more information please contact the President of the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland, Andrej N. Lushnycky, at andrej.lushnycky@unifr.ch

The Symposium is supported by the Ukrainian Institute in London