Ukrainian Song and its specific role in Ukrainian culture - presentation by Volodymyr Luciv

Thursday, November 29, 2012, 7.00PM

We are delighted to invite you to a presentation by Volodymyr Luciv, a renowned London based Ukrainian singer, who has throughout his life made a unique contribution to Ukrainian culture. Maestro Luciv’s talk will be entitled: Ukrainian Song and its specific role in Ukrainian culture. Volodymyr Luciv was one of five singers who helped England win the title of Coupe d’Europe International singing contest winners in 1961, a competition that was the predecessor to Eurovision. Luciv is  regarded by many as the first Ukrainian to have won the Eurovision song contest, half a century ago.

Volodymyr Luciv (right) with Sir Bruce Forsyth (1960's)

Born in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains the young Volodymyr was sent to stay with his sister in Poland when war broke out. While in Poland their town was surrounded by German troops and the then 15-year-old Mr. Luciv was put on a train to Germany where he was forced to work in a factory. It wasn’t until several years after the British liberation, a stint working in a Bradford textile factory, and a move to London, that Mr Luciv had the opportunity to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer. He studied at the Trinity College of Music in London and later at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome.

After graduating, the young singing star started performing and took to the stage and appeared on British TV and radio before securing his place on a show alongside Bruce Forsyth.
Volodymyr Luciv is most recognised for his contribution of more than 50 years in promoting Ukrainian song and culture in the UK and across the globe.The talk will be held in Ukrainian. Free Admission. All welcome


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