Cambridge University hosts seminar on teaching Ukrainian language in the UK

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies held a two-day workshop entitled ‘Teaching Ukrainian Language in the United Kingdom: Addressing the Challenges’ on 6-7 September 2013, at Robinson College, University of Cambridge. 

The workshop, which was led by Marta Jenkala, Lector in Ukrainian at Cambridge, consisted of 10 presentations by Ukrainian language teachers and trainers from across the UK, as well those involved in the promotion of Ukrainian language learning and teaching. Jocelyn Wyburd, Director of the Language centre at University of Cambridge, made the keynote presentation on ‘Setting the context of language teaching in the UK.’

The course was attended by practitioners and training providers across all sectors, including higher education, continuing and community education, public service and NGOs. The workshop brought together and provided a discussion forum for those involved in, and committed to, the teaching of Ukrainian as a foreign, second or heritage language. 

Questions that were discussed included:

What are the challenges of teaching Ukrainian today?

What should be taught and with what aim?

Who is learning Ukrainian in the UK and for what purposes?

How is the language taught and how can teaching be enhanced?

To what extent is teaching being informed by research into language pedagogy?

What resources are available and what others are needed?

Is consideration given, in the teaching process, to the ways in which present-day learners access information?

What methods of assessment and accreditation are available and appropriate? ·

What can be learned, in the Ukrainian context, from the experience of other ‘less commonly taught languages’? 

‘This great workshop brought together remarkable individuals who are all passionate about promoting and teaching Ukrainian language in the UK. A truly excellent event put together by the brilliant team at Cambridge Ukrainian Studies,’ commented Andy Hunder, Director of the Ukrainian Institute in London. 

Adult and student courses are available in a number of locations across the UK, including Cambridge University, University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies and the Ukrainian Institute in London.  

To view photos from the workshop click here (Photos by Kateryna Tyshkul, Ukrainian Saturday School in Manchester)