Ukrainian Literary Club in London

Saturday, December 7, 2013 11.00AM Shevelov_George_Yurii

The next meeting of the Ukrainian Literary Club will discuss the works of George Yurii Shevelov (December 17, 1908 – April 12, 2002) a Slavic linguist, philologist, essayist, literary historian, and literary critic. A longtime professor of Slavic philology at Columbia University, Shevelov challenged the prevailing notion of a unified East Slavic language from which Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian later developed, instead proposing that these languages emerged independently from one another.

Shevelov prepared and published more than 600 scholarly texts concerning different aspects of the philology of the Ukrainian and other Slavic languages. According to Shevelov, the beginnings of a separate Ukrainian language could be traced to the 7th century while the language formed in approximately the 16th century.

Readings and discussions are held in Ukrainian. All Welcome. Free admission