Remembering Holodomor: One Generation Later

7.00PM, Thursday, November 21st, at the Ukrainian Institute in London. 79, Holland Park, London W11 3SW bokan family

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Holodomor – one of the most tragic events in the history of Ukraine. As the generation of survivors leaves our midst the question of maintaining the memory of Holodomor becomes more and more urgent. At stake is not only family stories but the understanding of the past that made us the way that we are today. By applying the concept of postmemory to Holodomor, Daria is seeking to suggest the ways to help Holodomor transcend the borders of nation-state narrative so that the world community would be more aware of this tragedy. That is the least we can do to remember the countless and nameless victims of the Great Famine.

Daria Mattingly

Daria Mattingly

Daria Mattingly, a PhD student in Ukrainian Studies at University of Cambridge, is researching the memory of Holodomor. Mrs. Mattingly will be talking about postmemory of Holodomor – how the children and grandchildren of the survivors made sense of the trauma that preceded their births. She will try to elucidate how postmemory was preserved and why some people in Ukraine do not have any recollection of Holodomor.

This talk is part of a lecture series organised by Cambridge Ukrainian Studies and the Ukrainian Institute.

The talk will be held in English. All welcome. Free admission.