Platform Ukraine Project Launch - University College London

Platform Ukraine Project Launch

Start: May 19, 2014 3:00:00 PM

End: May 19, 2014 5:00:00 PM

Location: Gordon House 106, 29 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PP


A multidisciplinary roundtable

Platform Ukraine logoPlatform Ukraine is a new multidisciplinary project that aims to analyse and better understand the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 and its broader meanings for the entire post-socialist space.

In the course of one year, the project will bring together academics from a variety of disciplines to identify and discuss the most urgent themes that relate the Ukrainian crisis to the wider post-Socialist space. A one-day symposium, regular multidisciplinary workshops, a website, and a final conference will create the setting for discussing new ideas and understanding the prevalent trends and tensions in the contemporary post-socialist region.

UCLwill be launching the project with a multidisciplinary roundtable in which a panel of speakers will be giving their perspectives on the Ukrainian crisis and will engage in a debate with all the participants.

The speakers will be:

  • Professor Barry Fuller (Professor in Surgical Sciences, University College London)
  • Professor Ivan Gout (Professor of Cancer Biochemistry, University College London)
  • Andy Hunder (Director of the Ukrainian Institute in London)
  • Professor Richard Sakwa (Professor of Russian and European Politics, University of Kent)

In addition, during the launch will be shown a short presentation on Ukrainian Language and Crisis, which was prepared by Marta Jenkala (Senior Teaching Fellow in Ukrainian Language, University College London).

Wine reception will follow the event.

Directions from the main Quad entrance
For more information please email:

  • Kaneshko Sangar (k.sangar.12@ucl.ac.uk)
  • Ondrej Timco (o.timco.10@ucl.ac.uk)