Global Friends of Ukraine: A major new international support group is launched

Global Friends of Ukraine held its official launch at the House of Commons on Thursday, 23 October. It was attended by over 100 distinguished guests, including Members of Parliament, Lords, officials, professionals, investors, leading experts, musicians and writers. John Whittingdale

John Whittingdale MP, Chairman of the British Parliamentary Group for Ukraine and Patron of Global Friends of Ukraine hosted the reception. Addressing the audience he said: “We will continue to give all support to the people of Ukraine and their rights to determine their own future.”

Also present at the launch was Parliamentary Candidate Alex Ryabchyn, a Ukrainian Parliamentary candidate from Batkivschyna Party, who gave an address on “Ukraine post elections- challenges and hopes.”

The Founder of Global Friends of Ukraine, Maria Tymofienko, explained the aims and goals, structure and projects of the new organisation.
“I set up Global Friends of Ukraine to facilitate and co-ordinate projects and to work closely with the Government and NGOs in Ukraine to channel and deliver international support to where it is most needed.” Ms Tymofienko added: “We must turn Ukraine’s strong international support into practical steps and positive action.”

Global Friends of Ukraine is a UK-registered organisation bringing together the many friends of Ukraine from around the world – people from all walks of life – who share a common concern for the current situation in Ukraine and who want to offer their help and support.

At Global Friends of Ukraine we provide access to expert, technical and financial assistance through our networks, internationally and in Ukraine, and where your support can be channelled and directed into practical ways to help Ukraine.

Global Friend of Ukraine is run by a team of experts who allocate their time on a pro-bono basis and manage projects via a series of Task Forces helping Ukraine in the immediate security, economic and energy crises that it is facing as well as supporting reform programmes for the long-term development of the Country.