What Euro 2012 has revealed is a real and immediate need for us to study Ukraine

In an article in today’s Huffington Post UK (July 6, 2012) entitled Ukraine: Europe’s Terra Malecognita, Dr. Rory Finnin, Chair of the Cambridge Committee for Russian and East European Studies, University of Cambridge, makes a very valid point highlighting that:Ukraine is simply too large and too strategically significant to remain Europe’s terra malecognita. Its historical emergence out of the peripheries of empires has defied conventional wisdom. It will undoubtedly continue to surprise. What Euro 2012 has revealed is a real and immediate need for us to study Ukraine on its own terms and to engage the country more directly as an object of knowledge, if only to see how its problems are dwarfed by its hard-won achievements and promising possibilities.’

The Ukrainian Institute in London fully concurs and supports Dr. Finnin’s call in promoting the advanced study of Ukraine in the UK and across Europe. For more details or suggestions please feel free to contact us directly info@ukrainianinstitute.org.uk

The full article is available at:http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/dr-rory-finnin/ukraine-europes-terra-malecognita_b_1653469.html

Rory Finnin is Lecturer in Ukrainian Studies and Chair of the Cambridge Committee for Russian and East European Studies (CamCREES) at the University of Cambridge. He directs the Ukrainian Studies programme at Cambridge. His primary research interest is the interplay of literature and national identity in Ukraine. He also studies Soviet Russian dissident literature and Turkish nationalist literature. His broader interests include nationalism theory, human rights discourse, and problems of cultural memory.