Statement on news from the Vatican Press Service

As reported on Saturday by the Vatican Press Service, Pope Benedict XVI approved the decision of the Synod of Bishops and appointed Father Borys Gudziak, rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainian Catholics in France [Switzerland and the Benelux countries], appointing him as Titular Bishop of Carcabia.

This was something the UCU community has expected for a long time. Father Borys Gudziak is not just the Rector of our University. He became a spiritual treasure that came into the life of many of us and largely transfigured it. The new title crowns the selfless work of our rector in the creation and development of a university, which is very significant for Ukraine.

 The UCU community is pleased that now the spiritual and administrative center of our University will join the other bishops in serving the Church and people. We rejoice for the Church, which has been called to a higher service of the servant. We rejoice for the faithful of the Apostolic Exarchate of the UCC in France, the Benelux countries and Switzerland who will have such a Shepherd. We rejoice for ourselves and all the faithful of the UCC, who will have such a hierarch.

The administration, professors and students of Catholic University were not taken by surprise by this good news. For almost two years the university together with the Great Chancellor of UCU, Senate and administration discussed the need and ways to transform the structure of the top management of UCU. Given the University’s strategic plans in the construction of a modern campus and the opening of new training programs, the structure of UCU has been consolidated by experienced rectors, professors and priests. The presence of a professional and cohesive team that was carefully selected by our rector is the best support to the bishop-nominee in his new responsible ministry.

At the request of the Great Chancellor, who is head of the UCC, and the UCU community, the bishop-nominee, receiving from the Church a new mandate for his ministry, will continue to support the University and will continue to take care of the vital needs of our institution.

Congratulating Fr. Borys Gudziak on his new appointment, and thanking God for fulfilling our prayers, we ask Him to bless our community while further serving in peace and grace. We want to assure our spiritual fathers, generous benefactors and fellow educators that we still see our mission in serving our Church, being a reliable partner in the academic community of Ukraine, and providing significant support to each person who strives to honor God’s law, the good of the Ukrainian people and their human dignity.

Administration of the Ukrainian Catholic University

The Ukrainian Institute in London is affiliated to the Ukrainian Catholic University