New Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched in Ukraine

A new programme of Innovation and Entrepreneurship was launched at the Ukrainian Catholic University’s Lviv Business School ( LvBS), with eighteen students from across Ukraine already enrolled in the first programme.

The Lviv Business School (LvBS) programme is aimed at developing a new generation of entrepreneurs and managers of innovative projects. MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship LvBS uses interactive teaching methods and is focused on the formation of students as leaders and managers of innovative projects who are able to perceive change as an opportunity rather than a threat.

The first two-day course of lectures on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” was led by the founder of the investment fund LeonardShop João Perre Viana. He said : “I am impressed by the work performed by this school. It is interesting to see a new generation of Ukrainian businessmen, formed in LvBS. I believe that this work will have an impact on society, the economy, and the country as a whole. 

João advised students who want to start their own business projects to first see the problem and then find its solution. “You have an idea and want to create your own business. One of the first questions is how to do this? You soon realise that you don’t have answers to all the questions. You will not find these responses in your office or audience. So your first step is to discuss your hypothesis and speculations with real people, you have to ask them, talk to them, and they will tell you the right way,” said João Perre Viana.

The first lecture was given by the University’s rector Bishop Borys Gudziak as part of his course Christian Spirituality in the Postmodern Era. “Everything is changing rapidly,” the rector said to the students, “but the soul does not change. So therefore, in the transience of time it is a great challenge for a person to understand him/herself.”

The bishop expressed his wish for the programme to make the students compassionate people “who listen deeply and feel how our rich life is. My wish is for us to grow in the understanding of this wealth, crazy dynamics, where often a person gets lost and becomes incapable of experiencing something deeper. I hope that you can develop the ability to see and be benevolent,” said the rector.


The first training module of the program will last until October 4, during which students will attend the courses Entrepreneurship and Innovation by João Perre Viana, Personal Finance by Taras Khoma, Personal Development and Leadership by Oleksandra Baklanova, Business Communication by Microsoft’s Yaryna Klyuchkovska, Personal Finance by Yaroslav Prytula,Introduction to Conflict by Christina Fraser, and Business Communication by Yevhen Hlibovytsky.

The Ukrainian Institute in London is an affiliate of the Ukrainian Catholic University.