Marynovychs talk in London brings to light major risks for Ukraines future development

Myroslav Marynovych, Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University, founder of Amnesty International Ukraine and a founding member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, held a talk at the Ukrainian Institute in London on April 25th entitled: Value Imperatives of Development: The Ukrainian Experience.

Myroslav Marynovych at the Ukrainian Institute in London

During the talk Marynovych focused on the spiritual crisis permeating in Ukraine, with the current State system and politics only simulating democratic patterns, while in effect being governed by the Rule of Force, command of money and disregard for human dignity, all of which is inherently immoral.

‘The most acute troubles in present day Ukraine are a lack of national and spiritual unity, a lack of trust and interpersonal solidarity that create mutual hostility and destructive rivalry, and confrontations around historical memory – all these ills should be treated primarily by spiritual means,’ Marynovych said.

‘We need to draw up a Values Matrix, which can form a new and wholesome order. Western democracies still have enough of a “safety margin” to live off the moral capital accumulated by previous generations.’

‘Ukraine finds itself in a very harsh situation, one of a truly existential choice. We have no lead time: we either find a solution to our problems, or Ukraine, as a State, may disappear from the face of the earth.’

The former political prisoner also mentioned how the Ukrainian Catholic University is sounding the alarm in Ukraine, where the education system is notorious for being corrupt to the bone.

‘The Ukrainian Catholic University brings to the educational arena an important alternative. Indeed, in this area, which is almost totally corrupt, it is a zone free from corruption. The moral importance of that is unquestionable. This, of course, does not make our life any easier, yet it is the form of our testimony: that it is not only possible to live an honest life, but one can actually be successful by doing so.’

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