Ukrainian Students' Society launches at the London School of Economics

The Ukrainian Institute is happy to announce that our friends from the London School of Economics have recently re-established the LSE Ukrainian Society, a students’ community which has as its aim to unite Ukrainians, currently studying in London as well as their friends for the same goals and interests, promote Ukraine at the LSE and in the UK, provide a forum for the Ukrainians and those interested in Ukraine, and establish a networking platform for the Ukrainian LSE students and alumni. 

The Society’s first event was held on April 26, 2013. Around 20 Ukrainians currently living and/or working in London came to the LSE Ukrainian Society & Alumni Meeting in order to meet old friends, foster new ties and simply enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the event.

In the future the Society plans to arrange other public events and lectures that will feature prominent figures working in academia, civil services, public and private institutions and whose work is directly related to Ukraine.

The LSE Ukrainian Society and its events are open to the general public. If you are interested in the Society’s latest developments and forthcoming events, feel free to join and follow the Society’s official group on Facebook. You can also become an official member by registering at the society’s page and the LSE Student Union website.