Ukrainian Christmas Greetings from London

Dear Friends, 

On January 7th Ukrainians will be celebrating Christmas and this year the Nativity will be a very special season – a time of great hope and anticipation of historic change. Xmas Tree Kyiv

Over the past 50 days millions of Ukrainians have demonstrated great courage by coming out on to the streets of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine demanding an end to the corrupt and kleptomaniacal system that currently rules the country. 

The peaceful protests are continuing with hundreds of thousands of demonstrators planning to spend Christmas Day together demanding human dignity and justice.  

Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine across the globe have shown magnificent solidarity in supporting the fearless peaceful protestors, including dozens of rallies taking place in London in support of Euromaidan (See more here). 

The Ukrainian Catholic University, to which the Ukrainian Institute in London is affiliated, has been very vocal in condemning the actions of the current regime. The University has and will continue to unremittingly support human rights, dignity, rule of law and calling for Ukrainians to stand up for their rights. 

The regime in Ukraine has, sorrowfully, once again demonstrated its true face by using brutal force against peaceful protestors, students and journalists. 

2014 will be a decisive year in contemporary Ukrainian history. We are hopeful that this year will bring great change to the country and will put an end to the system where 45 million people must bear the injustices imposed on them by a corrupt and self-absorbed kleptocracy.

We would like to thank all friends of Ukraine in London and the UK for supporting Ukrainians that are striving for a democratic future, free from fear and oppression. As we pray for Ukraine during the Christmas period, countless challenges await us is 2014.  

The support of friends of Ukraine in London and other major cities of the world is now more important than ever. We earnestly ask for your continued support. 

With our sincere Christmas wishes,

The Ukrainian Institute in London