UCU Concerned About Security Services Attempts to Put Pressure on the University and Students

On December 9 police investigators came to UCU to ask the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities for a list of students who participated in the civil demonstrations – in Euromaidan. “I wouldn’t say that this is repression, but this is an attempt to intimidate our students and an attempt to put pressure on the university,” said the rector of UCU, Fr. Dr. Bohdan Prakh.

“An investigator and two police officers (who didn’t introduce themselves) came to UCU. They came with no summons. They wanted ‘only to interview the dean about the participation of students of UCU in the events in Lviv and Kyiv.’ Officially, the investigator allegedly tried to establish the extent in which the police were to blame for removing the license plate from one of the buses near the village of Hamaliyivka the night of 26 on November 27.”

“A protocol for the interrogation was initiated. But rather than understanding the degree of fault of the police, there was a desire to ascertain whether our students were on the bus. And when I saw the investigator’s protocol, it said that I as dean have information that our students participated in closing the road, but I never said that,” said Ihor Skochylias.

The investigator tried to get information about students who are enrolled at the university, about those who took part in actions of civil disobedience, about the presence of students in the classrooms. “Our students participated in Euromaidan. This right is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine, and we respect this right. The students will make up the missed classes and the educational process will not be disrupted,” said Ihor Skochylias.

“The current events are reminiscent of the situation we had in previous years, when the university and students felt pressure when they expressed their civic position,” said the rector of UCU. “No matter how the situation develops in the future, our university is ready to give moral, spiritual, and legal support to our students and staff.”

UCU Press Service