Peaceful protests continue in London in support of Ukraines brave demonstrators

[vd]Hundreds of Ukrainians living in the UK have been holding daily protests in London over the past three weeks ever since mass demonstrations hit the streets of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv last month, where hundreds of thousands of people are demanding European values and human dignity.  The first protest in London took place on November 23 outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, with pickets and rallies continuing in different locations across the capital, including the Ukrainian and Russian embassies, and next to the £136 million luxury One Hyde Park flat owned by Ukraine’s richest man. The London protests have received widespread media coverage, including reports in the Financial Times, New York Times, BBC and dozens of articles in the Ukrainian media.  ‘The London protests are taking place to show solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are out on the streets in the bitter cold of the harsh Ukrainian winter demanding that their voice be heard. This is being branded as a Revolution of Human Dignity. The protests in London have brought together thousands of Ukrainians living in the UK, including students, professionals working in the City, diaspora Ukrainians born in the UK and Ukrainian migrants,’ commented Andy Hunder, Director of the Ukrainian Institute in London. UPDATED (23.12.13) – Please follow the Ukrainian Institute Facebook page for further updates on upcoming events Ukrainian Institute Facebook page.[/vd]