A year later, reflections on the life of Bohdan Solchanyk and the other Heavenly Hundred

In memory of Bohdan Solchanyk – a 28 year old promising historian, a faculty member at the Ukrainian Catholic University, a poet, a young man in love – one of Ukraine’s Heavenly Hundred, killed by a sniper shot one year ago on Maidan

Bohdan SolchanykRead article by Bishop Borys Gudziak is the head of the department of external church relations for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the president of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

From the Kyiv Post:

For the past year, every day we see and hear of painful numbers – x servicemen and y civilians killed by shelling in eastern Ukraine. A year ago the murders of the Heavenly Hundred on the Maydan, during the EuroMaidan Revolution in Kyiv, moved the world. Today, it seems that death becomes a statistic. Numerous deaths become depersonalized. Without names even supreme sacrifice—and our own responsibility in its regard—become blurred

So let me tell you about one young man whose life and death help explain the developments in Ukraine today.

Bohdan Solchanyk was 28 years old. A promising historian, a faculty member at the Ukrainian Catholic Univeristy, a poet, a young man in love. He sought to understand the past of his country while fully engaging in its present struggle for dignity in order to build a better future. That future included marriage to Maria Pohorilko, herself an aspiring historian, PhD student, and UCU graduate. They both wanted to live with dignity. They hoped to share the story of their country with students, with readers of their articles and books, and with the world at large.

Alas, the final episode in the life of Bohdan occurred on February 20. Along with some 80 other unarmed idealists, European-minded Ukrainians, Bohdan was brutally shot and killed by government snipers in the central square of the capital of Ukraine as the world’s TV cameras showed the slaughter live.

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