Ukrainian Institute's 50-page Director's Report now available on-line

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Andy Hunder photo (2) - CopyFROM THE DIRECTOR

I am delighted to present this report of the Ukrainian Institute in London. The events of 2014 have been exceptionally turbulent and agonising for all Ukrainians across the globe, ever since the Euromaidan Revolution of Human Dignity kicked off in November 2013, followed by Russian forces invading Ukraine and the start of a horrible war that has so far cost thousands of lives and caused grief and sorrow for hundreds of thousands. Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine consists of a military, espionage, economic and a very well-oiled propaganda war. It is the latter, the information war, that over the past year the Institute, in addition to our core activities and events, has very much focussed on.

Never before has there ever been such an interest to Ukraine in London. Demand for English language commentary and analysis is at an all-time high.

In London we have become a key ‘go to’ point for English language comment and information about Ukraine for the world’s media. Throughout the year I have personally given over 100 live TV and radio interviews, striving to deliver a message what this war is about and providing an honest and objective perspective. In addition to the media focus, our team has also concentrated on lobbying activities.

This report highlights the accomplishments and activities of 2012-14. None of this work
would have been possible without the support and guidance from Bishop Borys Gudziak, President of the Ukrainian Catholic University, to whom I am very most profoundly grateful.

Our Institute was founded 35 years ago, in 1979, by Patriarch Josyf Slipyj, an extraordinary man, who spent 18 harsh years of his life in Soviet labour camps persecuted for his faith and convictions. His successor today, Patriarch Sviatoslav, is continuing in the footsteps of the Great Cardinal and I express my sincere gratitude to him for his vision and leadership.

I look to the future with great hope and enthusiasm. I have been exceptionally privileged for the opportunity to work together with great individuals, wonderful people full of passion and commitment, both Ukrainians and remarkable friends of Ukraine across the globe. I wish to thank all friends of the Ukrainian Institute – we look forward to continue working together with terrific individuals and organisations, promoting all things Ukrainian both here in London, and further afield.

With my sincere best regards,

Andy Hunder

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