New director of the Ukrainian Institute in London to be appointed on 19 June

London / Lviv, 7 April 2015 The new director of the Ukrainian Institute in London will be presented at the Ukrainian Catholic University?s fundraising dinner on 19 June, 2015, at the Houses of Parliament in London. Andy Hunder, who has served as director since 2010 will be stepping down and relocating to Kyiv. Hunder will now focus on building a better investment climate to boost Ukraine?s economy, where he has been appointed President of the American Chamber of Commerce. ?All the team at the Ukrainian Catholic University is most proud that a member of our community has been chosen for such a key responsibility at such a crucial time for the future of Ukraine and Europe. We express our sincere gratitude to Andy for his remarkable work at the Institute. Andy has served as Director on a pro-bono basis over the past five years and has shown a great example of selfless service, performing to a highly professional standard with admirable tangible results. At a time of great challenge for the entire global Ukrainian community, from London he effectively addressed a global audience, becoming one of the most recognised analysts of the situation in Ukraine. We are very grateful to Andy and wish him well in his new position in Kyiv, where we know that he will continue his stellar support of our alma mater? commented Bishop Borys Gudziak, President of the Ukrainian Catholic University. ?It has been a privilege and a great pleasure to serve as director of the Ukrainian Institute in London over the past five years. I am very grateful to all the team at the Ukrainian Catholic University and everyone that has been a part of the Institute in London. I am truly delighted that we have all worked together, keeping truthful to the mission and vision set out by the University?s and the Institute?s founder, Josyf Slipyj,? commented Andy Hunder. The Ukrainian Institute in London develops and promotes a greater awareness, understanding and knowledge of Ukrainian history, language, religion, current affairs, economy, literature and culture through educational, professional and networking activities. It is affiliated to the Ukrainian Catholic University, a dynamic and distinctive institution of higher education and research in Ukraine. The Institute was founded in 1979 by Patriach Josyf Slipyj, Cardinal and Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, following his release from an 18-year prison sentence in concentration camps, where he was persecuted by the Soviet regime for his convictions and beliefs. BBC 1Over the past year, the Ukrainian Institute has become a leading voice in the British and international media providing quality English language comment and analysis on the events taking place in Ukraine. Its director, Andy Hunder, has given over 100 live TV and Radio interviews to the major channels, including BBC, Sky News, CNN, ITV, ABC Australia, CCTV China, Phoenix TV Hong Kong, Bloomberg TV and Al Jazeera. The Ukrainian Catholic University is holding a black-tie fundraising dinner at the Houses of Parliament in London on Friday, 19 June. Fundraising events for UCU have been taking place across the globe, most recently in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Kyiv and Cleveland. To find out more details about the London event and how to support the University, click here. For more information please contact, Olia Zarichynska, Director of the Development Department at the Ukrainian Catholic University on zarichyn@ucu.edu.ua