Healthcare Reform: The End of Zombie Hospitals. Talk with Ulana Suprun. 5 July, 2017 7:30pm

Ukraine’s health reform is at a critical point in the country’s history since its independence in 1991. The ambitious reform package, approved by the Government in November 2016 and supported by development partners, features several priorities, including (i) Introducing a Capitation payment method to primary health care and ensuring that each Ukraine citizen has a contracted family doctor; (ii) developing a new emergency care system; (iii) improving the quality of the medical education system; (iv) defining a benefit package and pharmaceutical reimbursement policy; and (v) introducing new payment schemes (DRG) in the hospital sector.  Those reform measures, if implemented successfully, will have a profound impact on the overall development and economic recovery in Ukraine. The current MoH leadership team is taking strong and active steps to implement the reform plan. The Acting Health Minister of Ukraine, Dr. Ulana Suprun, will present the vision and strategy of the reform and discuss issues around the reform.

DATE: 5 July 2017

TIME: 7:30 pm

VENUE: 79 Holland Park W11 3SW

The talk will be in English and will be moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director of the Ukrainian Institute.

The event is free, but prior registration is required. Please click here to register.


Speakers' biography:


Ulana Suprun, M.D. is the Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine, founder and former director of the NGO Patriot Defence and former director of the Humanitarian Initiatives for the Ukrainian World Congress

Dr Suprun was born to a Ukrainian family in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated from Wayne State University in 1985 with a BS in Biology, and received her medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1989. After six years of post-graduate clinical residency and fellowship in Women's Imaging, she was Board certified in Radiology and practiced medicine in New York, NY and Detroit, MI for 15 years, both in private practice and as acting director of Mammography at Henry Ford Hospital. She was appointed Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology at Mount Sinai Hospital and vice medical director of a Women's Imaging Medical Imaging of Manhattan in New York, NY. Dr. Suprun is an active member of the American College of Radiology, the Radiological Society of North America, and the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America.

Being very active in the Ukrainian diaspora community, as well as frequently traveling to Ukraine both for personal and professional visits, she and her husband Marko Suprun moved to Ukraine permanently in November of 2013. Both were on Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv: Ulana worked in the medical services of the Euromaidan, while Marko helped rescue injured individuals, as well as translated for foreign journalists. This subsequently led to her position at the Ukrainian World Congress and later to the founding of “Patriot Defence”, a non-governmental organization that provides tactical medicine training and distributes NATO Standard Improved First Aid Kits (IFAKs) to Ukraine’s servicemen. Through both positions, Dr. Suprun was instrumental in organizing several millions of dollars of humanitarian aid into Ukraine, including introducing courses in tactical medicine for over 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers and providing more than 22,000 first aid kits for those trained. The training programs also included first responder courses for police and trauma courses for both military and civilian doctors. Dr. Suprun was involved in the planning and implementation of the Canadian surgical missions through the Canada-Ukraine Foundation and Patriot Defence worked closely with the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine on the training programs for Ukrainian police and providing first aid kits to the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko awarded Dr. Suprun and Marko Suprun Ukrainian citizenship in July 2015, "in the national interest of Ukraine." In September 2015 Dr. Ulana Suprun was appointed director of the School of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Ukrainian Catholic University. She also was invited to be a consultant for the Ukrainian Parliamentary Committee on Health and worked on new laws regarding Rehabilitation and Emergency Medicine. Through her efforts, two new professions-physical and occupational therapist-were introduced into Ukraine and academic programs to allow for training of these specialists were approved by the Ministry of Education.

On July 27, 2016 Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution appointing Ulana Suprun, MD as the acting Minister of Health of Ukraine. Since that time Dr. Suprun and her team are actively working on transforming Ukrainian healthcare into a modern Western system. The dramatic changes needed to improve equal access to quality healthcare for all Ukrainians – including introduction of a national health insurance and pharmaceutical price control and reimbursement – are to be implemented in early 2017.