Ukrainian Literature Book Club sessions: 21 April 2018

DATE: Saturday, 17 FEBRUARY 2018

TIME: 11am to 1pm 

SESSION FOCUS: Ukrainian baroque literature 

The session will focus on Ukrainian literary barocco and its impact on the Ukrainian literature of the 16-18th centuries. Its multiple genres will be in focus, as well as most prominent works of this style. 



DATE: Saturday, 17 MARCH 2018

TIME: 11am to 1pm 

SESSION FOCUS: Pavlo Tychyna's poetry 

Life and legacy of Pavlo Tychyna, one of Ukraine's most talented and prominent poets of the early 20th century, will be discussed. The discussion will  touch upon the pressure of the growing Soviet totalitarianism in which Tychyna, a "clarinet" poet, created his oevres.  




DATE: Saturday, 21 APRIL 2018

TIME: 11am to 1pm 

SESSION FOCUS: Serhiy Osoka, "Bathing at Night in August" ("ͳ ")

The April session will look into the poetry of a contemporary Ukrainian poet Serhiy Osoka, combining fine lyricism and a feeling for the language, bringing alive primeval childhood memories and unlocking innermost intense emotions. 


All sessions take place at 79 Holland Park, London W11 3SW and are moderated by Volodymyr Oleyko. In Ukrainian.