Ukrainian-Jewish relations in the new Ukraine, a presentation of a special issue of "Odessa Review". Talk by Vladislav Davidzon. 7 June, 2018, 7pm.

DATE: Thursday, 7 June 2018

TIME: 7pm

VENUE: Ukrainian Institute, 79 Holland Park, London W113SW

The event is free, but registration is required. Please click here to register.

The event will be in English and will be moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director of the Ukrainian Institute London. 

A free copy of a special issue of "The Odessa Review" will be available for sale at the price of £6. 

For many centuries, Ukrainians and Jews lived together on the same land. The history of their cohabitation has had many difficult moments and the twentieth century was marked by tragedy for both peoples. But alongside the history of conflict there were also many moments of cooperation and rich cultural cross fertilization and influence in literature, art, politics and even in cuisine. Ukrainian writers and journalists often turned to Jewish themes, while Jewish writers and politicians often discussed Ukrainian issues. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought the questions of historical memory back to the forefront and settled issues of historical memory have been politicized once more. Past autumn, The Odessa Review published a special issue discussing the various aspects of the past and present of the relationship between Ukrainians and Ukrainian Jewry. Chief Editor Vladislav Davidzon will discuss the issues the complexity of the historical issues and the manner in which they play out in contemporary Ukrainian life.

This special issue was supported by the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter. 

Speaker's bio:

Vladislav Davidzon is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Odessa Review and is Tablet Magazine’s European culture critic. His literary criticism and reportage have appeared in Bookforum,The American Interest, The New York Observer, World Affairs Journal, Foreign Policy,The Forward, and the Atlantic Council's Atlanticist. He holds a degree in human rights from the EMA program in Venice, Italy. He has reported widely from Eastern Europe, France, and Ukraine, and was previously Ukraine Today’s Paris correspondent.