Ukraine: One Year to Presidential Elections: How to Rescue the Achievements of the Revolution of Dignity? Talk with Serhiy Leshchenko. 28 May 2018, 7pm.

DATE: Monday, 28 May 2018

TIME: 7pm 

VENUE: 79 Holland Park  W11 3 SW

Ukraine is at the crossroads: geopolitical, value-based and generational. Four after following the revolution of Kyiv's Maidan, it boasts a list of achievements and a litany of failures. The discussion if the glass is half-full or half-empty, rages on. With just one year to go to the presidential elections, Ukraine stands up to new challenges: an attack on new anti-corruption institutions and its civil society, growing populism and a risk of flare-up of the conflict in the east of the country. Is the society ready for a rush to make the reforms outcomes irreversible? Or is Ukraine on a brink of a rollback? 

Talk with Serhiy Leshchenko, Ukrainian MP and journalist. Moderator: Bohdan Tsioupine, journalist. 

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Speaker's bio:

Serhiy Leshchenko is a member of Ukrainian Parliament, former investigative journalist, blogger, and press freedom activist. Now he is a member of Parliamentary committee on corruption prevention. From 2000 up to 2014 he worked for Ukrainska Pravda, where he specialized in anti-corruption investigations and other political reporting. He helped to launch the «Stop Censorship!» movement in 2010 and «Chesno» campaign that called for transparency in Parliament. In 2011, Poland’s Foundation of Reporters recognized Mr. Leshchenko as the best journalist within the countries of the Eastern Partnership. Most recently, in 2013, Mr. Leshchenko was awarded a Press Prize by the Norwegian Fritt Ord Foundation and the German ZEIT Foundation.

In 2012, he was awarded a John Smith Fellowship, and in 2013 he was awarded a Draper-Hills Fellowship in Stanford University. Sergii Leshchenko was Reagan-Fascell  Fellow  in  Washington-based  National  Endowment  for  Democracy in 2013-2014.  Leshchenko was selected as one of Reporters Without Borders’ "100 Information Heroes-2014". In 2014 he was honoured with the NDI’s Democracy Award.In 2017 Ukrainian magazine ‘Focus’ put Sergii Leshchenko on 50th position in the list of most influential Ukrainians.

He  is  the  author  of  three  books. Two books were published in Ukraine.  'The  American  Saga  of  Pavlo  Lazarenko'  is  focused on  investigations  conducted  by U.S.  law  enforcement  agencies  on  former  Ukrainian  Prime  Minister  and  'Mezhygirya  Syndrom  of  Viktor Yanukovych' is about corruption of previous Ukrainian regime. Third book focused on raise and fall of oligarchs was published this year in Norway.He regularly writes to Ukrainian and western media and has recently exposed evidence of Paul Manafort’s, Doland Trump's campaign manager, systematic corruption during his decade spent in Ukraine, to The New York Times.