Ukrainian diaspora in Great Britain and France in the post-Maidan period: key challenges and trends.

DATE: Wednesday, 31 October 2018

TIME: 7pm

VENUE: 79 Holland Park, London W3 SW11


Ukrainian diaspora in Central and Western Europe is growing in size and complexity, embracing the "old" diaspora and the new wave, already representing 3 million people at least. How do these new migrants interact with each other and with their new environment? How do they engage with the country they come from? What are their main concerns, challenges and aspirations? This event gives the floor to an insightful piece of sociological research looking at the key trends in the development of the Ukrainian community in the Paris region (France). The research was conducted by the Sociology Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University and supported by Eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in France, the Benelux countries and Switzerland. It will be unveiled by Bishop Borys Gudziak, President of the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Eparchy's leader. 

Bishop Borys Gudziak will be joined by Dr Ivan Kozachenko, PhD, Researcher at Cambridge University, whose areas of expertise include diaspora and nationalism studies, post-Soviet societies and contemporary social movements in Ukraine. 

This event is free and will be conducted in Ukrainian. Prior registration is reuired. Please register via this link

Moderated by Marina Pesenti, Director of Ukrainian Institute London. 

Speakers' biographies: 

Bishop Borys Gudziak Bishop Borys Gudziak is the President of the Ukrainian Catholic University with which the Ukrainian Institute in London is affiliated. Bishop Borys Gudziak is Eparch for Ukrainian Greek-Catholics in France, the Benelux countries and Switzerland. He was born in Syracuse, New York (USA) in 1960 and was ordained a priest in 1998. He received his doctorate in Byzantine and Slavic studies from Harvard University and is the author of numerous academic works. He also leads the Department of External Church Relations of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. 




Ivan Kozachenko holds a Postdoctoral Research Associate position that is attached both to the ‘Multilingualism: Empowering Individuals, Transforming Societies’ project and the Ukrainian Studies Programme, Department of Slavonic Studies. His current project focuses on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine in which he investigates how linguistic unity, diversity, power and identity are reflected in social media discourses. The study also considers how Ukraine is being 're-narrated' by writers, poets, politicians, and intellectuals since the Euromaidan revolution of 2013-14. Prior to arriving in Cambridge, Dr Kozachenko was a Stasiuk Postdoctoral Fellow at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta, where he worked on the project ‘The Ukraine Crisis: Contested Identities, Social Media and Transnationalism’ that investigated the role played by social media for contemporary social movements in Ukraine during and after the Euromaidan. He received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen.