Ukraine: Art, Society and Power. Talk with Nikita Kadan. 27 January 2020, 7pm

DATE & TIME: Monday 27 Jan 2020, 7pm 

VENUE: 79 Holland Park, London 

TICKETS £10, £7 cons. BOOK HERE 

Nikita Kadan is one of Ukraine’s boldest contemporary artists, who has been at the forefront of reinvigorating the country’s cultural scene in recent years. He is a member of the artistic collective “Revolutionary Experimental Space”, which leads artistic interventions exploring social issues, promotes civic activism in the spheres of arts and education, and has taken a critical stance against policies of "de-communisation" and state censorship of the arts.

Nikita will reflect on how Ukraine’s arts scene has evolved between the two Maidan Uprisings in 2004 and 2013-14 and beyond. He will also present his own distinctive work, much of which explores the experience of present-day Ukrainians and their relationship with their Soviet past. Nikita’s exhibition “Limits of Responsibility” was inspired by the Euromaidan protests and he reclaims images of Soviet propaganda in the name of present-day protesters. Another striking project led by Nikita is his work with the Soviet art museum in the village of Kmytiv, through which he began the trend of “new archivism” in Ukrainian contemporary art, whereby artists actively engage with and contest the past and the official discourses of memory. 

Nikita Kadan is also a member of a group of curators known as “Khudrada”. In 2011, he was awarded the top prize of Pinchuk Art Centre. In 2014, he received the Future Generation Art Prize. His works featured as part of the Ukraine Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015. Nikita has also just been nominated for the prestigious Shevchenkivska Prize for his recent exhibition “Unnamed”, which reflects on the roots of mass violence in Ukraine in 1930-1940s.