BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year 2019: talk and book sale. 26 March 2020, 7pm

DATE & TIME: Thursday 26 March 2020, 7pm

VENUE: 79 Holland Park, London W11 3SW

Come and hear from the winner of BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year 2019! Talk with author Tamara Gorikha Zernya and BBC News Ukraine Editor, Marta Shokalo. Moderated by Svitlana Pyrkalo EBRD & followed by a sale of the winning books!

Tickets on Eventbrite: early bird £7, £5 cons (before 16 Feb); full price £10, cons £7

In December 2019, BBC News Ukraine announced the winners of the 15th annual Book of the Year awards. The winning authors are mix of completely new and well-known names, reflecting the vibrancy of the contemporary literary scene in Ukraine:

- Dotsya (Daughter) by Tamara Gorikha Zernya, awarded BBC Book of the Year (publisher: Bilka, Kyiv)
- Sapiensy (Sapienses) by Volodymyr Arenev, awarded BBC Children’s Book of the Year (publisher: Ranok, Kharkiv)
- Tak, ale… (Yes, but…) by Taras Prokhasko winner of BBC Book of the Year – Essays category (publisher: Meridian, Chernivtsi)

The event will showcase each of the books and how they reflect the current Zeitgeist in Ukraine, as well as how the BBC Book of Year evolved to become one of Ukraine's most influential book prizes after being initiated in London 15 years ago. 

The award has long-running support from the Cultural Programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The event will feature a talk by the winning author Tamara Gorikha Zernya and BBC News Ukraine Editor, Marta Shokalo.  The conversation will be moderated by EBRD cultural advisor Svitlana Pyrkalo. There will also be a screening of short video materials.

Please note that all three books (winners for each nomination category) will be on sale. The event will be followed by a complimentary wine reception.

BBC Book of the Year Winner, author of "Dotsya" ("Daughter") Tamara Gorikha Zernya: "The is a book for people who are left behind in Donbas. I'd like readers to step into the shoes of those who were in Donbas at the time when the events happened and look at these events through their eyes"

BBC News Ukraine Editor, Marta Shokalo, comments: “We are delighted that so many great books took part in the 15th BBC Book of the Year awards. Never before has our longlist been so long and never before have there been so many new names.  Tamara Gorikha Zernya’s debut novel, Dotsya, about the war in Ukraine’s East, is a profound, poignant read – and we believe, presents an important event in Ukrainian literature.  Taras Prokhasko, who once won our children’s book accolade, this time won the Essays award with his Tak, ale… As he talks about the simplest things in our lives – breakfasts, apples, balconies, curtains – he masterfully fills these notions with philosophical essence.”

EBRD cultural advisor Svitlana Pyrkalo adds: “The time has come for some action in the Children’s Book of the Year! Space cadets, mind-bending aliens, bravery and friendship are the themes of the winning book, Sapienses by Volodymyr Arenev. The fast-moving thriller’s message to the reader is that, yes, bravery and luck can help, but when an alien attacks, you had better be also equipped with knowledge and skills!”

Tickets on Eventbrite: early bird £7, £5 cons; full price £10, cons £7