Past Events

08.05.2017 | News

Why the Ukrainian Revolution matters for the historians of the Russian revolutions? A lecture by Professor Mark von Hagen

Professor Mark von Hagen, a US historian and a leading academic is Slavic Studies will analyse the period of Ukraines short-lived independence and statehood of 1917-21 and why it matters for the historians of the Russian Revolution

07.05.2017 | News

Ukrainian Avant Garde in Film: Unknown Kyiv of 1929. Screening and talk. June 7, 6:30pm

  The event will present an almost lost documentary film by Mikhail Kaufman, a brother, came

07.05.2017 | News

Josyp Slipyj and the 20th century dramas as a lesson for the 21st century. Talk by Bishop Borys Gudziak. 15 June 2017, 7pm.

DATE: Thursday, 15 June 2017 TIME: 7pm VENUE: 79 Holland Park London W113SW   The

07.05.2017 | News

How Alternative Educational Projects Matter for the Mainstream System of Education in Ukraine? Talk by Taras Dobko. June 20, 2017

Ukrainian education is on the move. As Ukraine embarked on the far-reaching and deep-going education

13.03.2017 | News

Peasant Revolts in Ukraine following the 1917 Revolution, March 31, 7pm

DATE: Friday, 31 March TIME: 7pm VENUE: Ukrainian Institute, 79 Holland Park, 

10.02.2017 | News

"Bitter Harvest": Meet the Film Producers. Clip screening and discussion. February, 18, 7:30pm

 The story of Ukraine's Great Famine known as The Holodomor is about to be told to cinema a

01.02.2017 | News

Ukraine: continuing difficult reforms. Talk with Natalie Jaresko. February 7, 2017. 6pm

Ukraine's former Minister of Finance and a reformist force in the government Natalie Jaresko wil

18.01.2017 | News

Mustafa Nayyem presents GoGlobal project and offers an update on the developments in Ukraine. February, 20, 2017, 7pm

One of Ukraine’s most prominent journalist, civic activist and a “new generation”

06.01.2017 | News

BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year 2016: Talk with Svitlana Pyrkalo. 9 March, 2017, 7pm

"Oblivion" ("") by Tanya Malyarchuk and "Thirteen Tales in the Dark&

05.01.2017 | News

"Debaltseve" and the narrative of the Donbas war in Ukrainian and UK media. Film screening and a panel discussion. January 24, 2017, 6:30pm

Eugene Stepanenko, a Ukrainian war correspondent and TV presenter, brings to London a documentary te

01.12.2016 | News

Displaced in Ukraine: trauma and identity through theatre. Screening and talk with Natalia Vorozhbyt and Samir Puri , 6:30pm

There are 1,7 million people displaced inside Ukraine as a result on the ongoing war in the east. Ne

08.11.2016 | News

Social media: what is their role in shaping identity and mediating conflict? Talk with Gregory Asmolov. December 1, 2016. 7pm

"The Russian-Ukrainian conflict prompted unprecedented levels of citizen engagement  into

03.11.2016 | News

Mental Health Care in Ukraine: what it is, what it should be and what needs to be done. December 15, 2016, 7pm

The Ukrainian system of healthcare follows the Soviet model and despite 25 years of Ukraine’s

11.10.2016 | News

De-communisation in Ukraine: design, implementation and interpretations. A view from Ukraine. 3 November 2016

Ukraine’s Institute of National Remembrance (also known as the Institute of National Memory) i

29.09.2016 | News

Western aid to Ukraine: how effective is it? A View from the UK. October 13, 2016

Ukraine has been in receipt of foreign funding for over two decades, coming from individual governme

29.09.2016 | News

De-communisation and the re-shaping of national memory in Ukraine and beyond. 1 November, 2016, 6pm.

Film screening and a panel discussion co-organized by the Ukrainian Institute, London and UCL SSEES.

03.09.2016 | News

Gongadze murder, 16 years after- civil society and media environment in Ukraine. Talk with Myroslava Gongadze. 19 September, 2016, 7pm.

The killing of an outspoken journalist Georgiy Gongadze in 2001 was one of the turning points in the

03.09.2016 | News

Persecution of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church after WW2. Public Lecture by Oleh Turiy. 26, September, 2016, 7pm.

After WW2, the Soviet authorities imposed a ban in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, one of the pillars of the Ukrainian identity. What mechanisms were deployed and did the church respond?

17.06.2016 | News

How to Stop Disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine for the Wider World. Thursday, June 30, 2016, 7pm

How to Stop Disinformation: Lessons from Ukraine for the Wider World. A presentation by Peter Pomerantsev and Marina Pesenti. Thursday, June 30, 2016, 7pm

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